Be The Expert

How To Market Your Services
To Become The Authority In Your Field

By Priya Florence Shah

Are you frustrated with not being taken seriously as a coach, consultant or service provider?

Are you looking for ways to make people sit up and see you as the "go-to" person in your industry?

Becoming an expert in your chosen field is the best way to create the maximum amount of success in your business.

As a service provider or a consultant, you will be greatly appreciated by your clients or colleagues.

But if you do not classify yourself as an expert, you can be wasting your time at trying to get an edge over your competitors.

An expert is somebody who can easily turn readers into sales because of the trust and authority they have established in the eyes of their customers.

Becoming the leading authority in your field can help you do that.

The hard part is actually establishing yourself as an expert and that is what I aim to show you in this book where I will explain the steps to get there.

Reviews for the book:

I just read "Be The Expert: How To Market Your Services To Become The Authority In Your Field" by Priya Florence Shah, President & Founder, Naaree™ Academy for Indian Women Achievers. As a Certified LOA Life Coach, I know how to effectively coach my clients. What has stumped me is how to find those clients!
Ms. Shah offers a variety of methods for marketing for the professional, and also ways to become recognized as an expert in one's field. Many I have heard of before, such as speaking to groups or writing articles. In "Be The Expert...", detailed plans of action are proposed.

I was particularly interested in the section on blogging. In the past, I have been told "Blog." Ms Shah takes that suggestion, and gets into specific action steps for blogging, guest blogging (I never even heard of that one!) and more, that we as professionals can take to increase our exposure to our target populations.
I highly recommend "Be The Expert: How To Market Your Services To Become The Authority In Your Field" by Priya Florence Shah to anyone who still struggles to market their services, or anyone who would like to become recognized as an authority in their field.

~ Elmasue Zylberberg BA,RT(R)(CT)(M),LOACC

Be The Expert

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Be The Expert

Reviews for the book:
The key to success in a proprietorship, business or career is to be positioned as an expert. It's the experts who garner all the spotlight, leads, and accolades. In fact, my own experience says that you are deprived from huge success only as far as you are not positioned as an expert.

But the good thing is that it doesn't take superhuman skills and experience to become an expert in your chosen field. The book does a great job of breaking down this colossus of a task into small, digestible chunks.

You are introduced to the essential attitudes, secrets of powerful networking, and how to go about building your own enviable fortress of specialized knowledge. It's hard work, sure, but will keep paying you many times over.

Forget about all the marketing and invest in yourself - the brand that never goes out of fashion.

~ Akush Thakur

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