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24 Empowering Ideas to Help The Indian Woman Step Into Her Feminine Power

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Pune, 25 January 2012 – Step Into Your Feminine Power And Rule Your World: 24 Empowering Tips for the 21st Century Indian Woman’, is a handbook for the modern Indian woman who wants to live a bigger and more authentic life and make choices that create self-awareness, freedom and contentment. The Indian woman is not only making her presence felt, but standing out as a leader in many male-dominated areas.

Despite her successes, she continues to encounter negativity from those who are threatened by the strides that women have made. It has reached the point where many Indian women feel that they have to be either a bimbo or a bitch to succeed.

“It does not have to be this way,” says author, Priya Florence Shah. “There are ways to think, be and act that can transform your life from one of disempowerment and hopelessness to one of empowerment and fulfilment.”

In ‘Step Into Your Feminine Power And Rule Your World: 24 Empowering Tips for the 21st Century Indian Woman’, she elaborates on many of the life lessons that have taught her to live a bigger life and make more empowering choices.

In her review of the book, Sapna Chheda writes,

“Amazing read! I started reading and didn’t look around until I finished the entire 24 ways to feminine power. Simple language, easy to understand and Indian women can relate to it so much. Overall a true experience which makes you want to go out there and achieve a fulfilling life.”

Another reader, Leena Kundnani, observes,

“This book is a wonderful read and is very well written. It seems that a lot of research and thought has gone into writing this book. It is full of practical suggestions that one can apply in day-to-day life. I feel that even if some of these suggestions are followed, one can surely transform one’s life.”

Offering the Indian male’s perspective, Ankush Thakur observes,

“The book comes at an important time, when most Indian women stand on the threshold of one or another emotional battle. Priya has done a great job of offering an all-round solution to women in various walks of life. The book tells you how to manage your habits, your attitude; indeed, your whole perspective of life. It is challenging, yet empathetic at the same time. While it is aimed at women and exclusively discusses their dilemmas, I feel it can be equally helpful to anyone else looking to build self-confidence and break free.”

Step Into Your Feminine Power And Rule Your World: 24 Empowering Ideas for the Modern Indian Woman’ is available on Amazon Kindle. Review copies are available on request to journalists and book reviewers.


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