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Learn The Steps To Become The Expert And Leading Authority in Your Field

expertFor Immediate Release

Pune, 14th March, 2012 – A new book shows service providers how to position themselves as an expert in their chosen field so as to create the maximum amount of success in business.

As a service provider or a consultant, you may be greatly appreciated by your clients or colleagues, but if you do not classify yourself as an expert or as the leading in your field, you could be wasting your time trying to get an edge over your competitors.

An expert is somebody who can easily turn readers into sales because of the trust and authority they have established in the eyes of their customers. Becoming the leading authority in your field can help you do that.

The hard part is actually establishing yourself as an expert and that is what author, Priya Florence Shah, aims to show you in her book where she explains the steps to get there.

In her book, “Be The Expert: How To Market Your Services To Become The Authority In Your Field”, just released on Amazon Kindle, Createspace and Pothi.com, Ms. Shah takes you through the steps to market your brand both online and offline.

The information in “Be The Expert: How To Market Your Services To Become The Authority In Your Field”, is geared at helping service providers assert themselves as the expert to attract more clients and customers to their business.

For more information and to purchase the book, visit the page below.


Published by Naaree™, an educational resource for Indian career and business women, this book is written for service providers, coaches and consultants looking for marketing solutions that will help them establish their authority in their industry.

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